The Only Option for Low-Cost
Renewable Baseload Power
The World’s Most Efficient River Hydrokinetic Technology
Harnessing River Hydrokinetic Energy Through Innovation
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No other energy production technology can match the benefits of our river hydrokinetic turbine!


River Hydrokinetic Water-to-Wire Power System


Designed for 40 years maintenance free, renewable-baseload, and low cost electrical power generation.

Submarine Cables

Single armoured quick-connect submarine cable evacuating power to the substation.

Onshore Substation & Grid Connection

Power Converter System, SCADA, Max. Power Tracking Point, MV & Step-up Transformer.  Designed to work with interconnected large grids or isolated grids.


Unique Advantages

Renewable Baseload Power

Dispatchable renewable electrical power generation technology. Power and Energy are simultaneously available 24/7.

Low Price

Very competitive LCOE rates compared to all other renewable energy production options.

Highest Hydrokinetic Reliability

TE-1 Turbine is designed for 40 years river maintenance free operation.

High Capacity Factor

Unmatched Overall Plant Capacity Factor using renewable energy resources (80-85% in many rivers).

Environmentally Friendly

No GHG emissions during operation and lowest global carbon footprint. Dam-free (no flooding and no obstruction to species migration).

Socially Acceptable

Invisible & inaudible. No population displacement. Minimal land use unlike wind and solar.

Environmental & Social Impact
Moving Part (Frictionless)
Total Capacity Factor (upto)


Land Use Per Technology
Equivalent Consumption per Household and per Population

Innovation at its finest: Introducing our disruptive ‘game-changing’ technology!


World class management team, with a complete set of in-house capabilities assembled to add value across the entire technology development life cycle and value chain. Telesystem Energy’s management have collectively developed and financed some of the worlds most innovative and complex energy projects. The team has expertise that includes technology development, operations, and project financing, with more than 70 years of collective energy market experience.

Denis M. Sirois

President and CEO

Denis has more than 25 years of experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity investments.  He has been involved in investments of all sizes, from start-ups to large caps, as a key member and Director of  Telesystem Ltd.

Graham Schmidt

Chief Financial Officer

Graham has more than 15 years of commercialization and finance experience in the energy industry. Graham joined the Company from Lockheed Martin Canada where he was the Head of BD for energy market entry and commercialization and previously held progressively senior roles with Standard Chartered Bank and PwC.

Helmut Herold

Managing Director

Helmut has more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and a proven track record in sales, project development & execution and building successful teams across Europe, Asia, North and South America.  He has led regional operations for two world-leading wind turbine OEM companies (CEO North America at Senvion and CEO South America at Suzlon).

Paolo Cattelan

Vice President, Operations

Paolo has more than 30 years of international experience in feasibility studies, engineering, project management, and construction of power generation, mining, O&G and infrastructure projects. Paolo joined from SNC-Lavalin, where he was SVP responsible for Clean Power’s global engineering services, including renewable power generation and T&D.

Technical and Corporate Advisors

Telesystem Energy also benefits from contributions and expert knowledge provided by its world-renowned senior advisors on research, development, or commercial aspects as required.

Bernhard Telgmann

Senior Technology Advisor

Bernhard has over 30 years experience with a demonstrated history as international executive working in the energy industry, thereof more then 15 years in Wind Power and as General Manger and Expert in global technology, plant engineering and construction business. Strategist with keen sense of business growth opportunities by product-innovations and new sales channels in established and emerging markets. Worked in different functions in and across the region Europe, Asia and North America.

Dr. Albert Ruprecht, PhD

Technical & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Ruprecht is a world-renowned expert with over 40 years in hydrokinetics and is former Assistant Director of University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery, who leads CFD work and is a key member of overall design and testing program in aspects relating to fluid mechanics and machine development and testing.



 This technology has 20 to 30% more power coefficient than any other hydrokinetic technology we have ever tested. We are very impressed, and it sets a new standard in the hydrokinetic space!

Ulf Barkmann
Deputy Head, Department of Propeller and Cavitation – SVA Potsdam GmbH



 I have never seen such a high coefficient of performance for a water turbine!

Dr. Christian Masilge
Managing Director – SVA Potsdam GmbH

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